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Let's Taco 'Bout True Crime

Apr 30, 2020

On this episode you'll hear from some of your favorite true crime podcasters to get recommendations on best ways to pass the time while under stay-at-home orders - true crime style, of course! 

My guests include:

Mike Morford host of Criminology, Murder in My Family and co-host of Three Men and a Mystery

Lindsay from Mugshot Podcast

Robin Warder from The Trail Went Cold

Rachel from Yours in Murder

Nina from Already Gone and Don't Talk to Strangers Podcasts

Alvin from Affirmative Murder Podcast

The Captain from True Crime Garage 


Link for the VokL Channel:

Link for True Crime Game Time livestream:


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My Recommendations:


Savage Appetites: Four True Stories of Women, Crime, and Obsession by Rachel Monroe

American Predator: The Hunt for the Most Meticulous Serial Killer of the 21st Century by Maureen Callahan

The Five: The Untold Lives of the Women Killed by Jack the Ripper by Hallie Rubenhold


The Forgotten West Memphis Three

The House of Suh

The Family I Had

Lost Compassion: What Happened to Mitrice Richardson? 


Truth Be Told (Apple+)

Barry (HBO)

Derry Girls (Netflix)

Better Things (FX)


Dark Topic (True Crime)

Art Holes (Comedy/Art History)