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Let's Taco 'Bout True Crime

May 14, 2020

On this episode we'll be discussing "McMillions" the six-part HBO documentary series that details the FBI investigation into the McDonald's Monopoly fraud case.

Between 1989 and 2001 there were no legitimate winners of the grand prizes in the McDonald's Monopoly game promotion. One man set out to steal the instant...

Apr 16, 2020

On this episode, my guest host is Brianna from Murder Dictionary Podcast.  We talk about the true crime documentary series that has taken the world by storm "The Tiger King: Murder, Mayhem and Madness".  

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Murder Dictionary Podcast:

Oct 2, 2019

In this episode my guest host is Lorena Garcia who joins me to discuss the 2-part documentary, "I Love You, Now Die" about the Michelle Carter case.  


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For help and resources to deal with depression and thoughts of suicide you can call The National Suicide Prevention Lifeline...

Apr 23, 2019

This week I discuss the 2-part HBO documentary series "Leaving Neverland" produced by filmmaker Dan Reed.  It tells the story of two men, James Safechuck and Wade Robson who allege they were sexually abused as children by entertainer Michael Jackson.  

My guest host this week is Tyler Bell, the writer and producer of...